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How many students should I expect for each in-person class?
What should I wear for classes?
According to the latest governmental policy, there's no longer an indoor capacity. Actual attendance will vary depending on the dance style and class level. 
We limit 30 students for each class.

Please find references for average students number below (Sept-Dec, 2022)

K-Pop: 6-30 (Girl Group), 6-15 (Boy Group)
Hip Hop: 6-15                         Jazz Funk: 6-20
Chinese Classic: 6-15     Waacking: 6-15
Check out how our students usually wear
Click here to check weekly class videos.
Do I still have to wear a mask when inside the studio?
Masks are no longer required. Students may decide on their own.
Do we have parking spots?
We don't have our own parking spots. But there are many available street parking spots near StyleMe. Click here for spots reference!
Do you offer class trial?
Students can choose to buy 1 class pass before buying any package.
There ISN'T free class trial. 
Click here for pricing options!
I'm an absolute beginner. Can I join?
Yes! Intro level classes are the easiest and are specifically designed for absolute beginners. Click here for intro level class options!


Please provide the following information when reaching out
  • Previous dance experience
  • Dance styles that you're interested in
  • Anything else you'd like to share

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