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2019 Ivy League Spring Festival Gala
StyleMe Dance Crew has been invited to perform a dance production with the theme of "Encountering Lingyu Ruan--returning back to life(遇见阮玲玉——前世今生)" at the 2020 Ivy League Spring Festival Gala following their dance performance with the theme of “Chrono Quest(一场穿越时空的show)” at the 2019 Ivy League Spring Festival Gala.
This series of performances, dubbed “Chrono Quest”, is directed by Siwen Jiang and performed with her students. It is the result of meticulous planning and rehearsals over the span of two months that took place in early 2019. The ultimate, artistic goal of this performance is the idealistic projection of a sense of seamless integration of Western and Eastern cultures through the art of dance.
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