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Mar 21, Sat, 5:30-7:30pm



1. Importance of personal style, how to dress right to achieve your professional goals

2. How to find the most flattering fit that complements your body type/skin color and etc

3. Learn how to put together a functional outfit, mixing and matching your clothes to create multiple outfits


Dilya Shorfova

Personal Styling

From early age Dilya was exposed to pattern and clothing making growing up in the family of a part-time seamstress. Learning about fabrics, clothing construction, proper fit and handcrafted garments under her mom’s guidance developed in Dilya great passion for fashion and style. Attending Art School in her High School years assisted Dilya in discovering strong visual sense and aptitude for working with color and proportion.

Although studying in college for a degree in education field, Dilya stayed true to her passion and took on dance costume design in her free time. Custom making belly dance costumes for World Championships pushed Dilya to look further into expanding her knowledge and pursue career in fashion.

Dilya Shorfova 01.jpg
Dilya Shorfova 02.jpg

Attending Fashion Styling Program at FIT in NY has helped Dilya to take her first steps as Wardrobe Stylist. And to add personal styling to her qualifications by working as an online fashion consultant at MeetTailor.

Dilya’s work was featured in Picton, Avesa and Elegant magazines. She has successfully completed internship with TesStylist of Boston and worked with clients like Reebok, Puma, New Balance, Marshalls, Primark.

Dilya truly believes that clothes and style are very strong means of communication and self-expression. Well curated outfit can tell a story, leave unforgettable impression and create a powerful image. That’s what Dilya enjoys the most about styling, as well as helping people to feel great in their clothes, feel confident and to conquer new heights.

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